Sunday, July 27, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting Take #2

To my faithful readers, I thought I would share another funny babysitting story. My sister and brother in law are moving to New York via Connecticut. In order to secure housing they were required to visit a few times and so we (mostly my Mom) watched the kids while they were gone. In order to relieve my Mom, I decided to take the kids swimming. Julianne and Catherine are great swimmers, Madelyn is pretty good but still learning, and then there is little Adam. I was not worried about the setup, as the most difficult part turned out to be getting them (particularly Adam) into their swimming suits, this is where our story continues. I no sooner removed Adam's diaper, of course in the family room, on the carpet when he proceeds to pee all over the floor...gotta love little boys. After that fun, swimming was a breeze! Turns out spot remover works well to clean up pee on carpet!

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Wendy said...

Hey, we can be blogging friends now! Yay. Sounds like you are having fun--minus the pee on the carpet.