Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Martha Stewart Better Watch Out!

So some of you may not know this but I really do like to cook and bake and stuff. I recently found myself with lots of time on my hands so I headed to Jamie's again. We had 50 lbs of apples from a previous apple picking adventure and still needed to find uses for them. So a couple of weeks ago Jamie and I baked up a storm. First we made homemade English muffins, rolls, and then Pies. We used Martha Stewart's baking guidebook for the pie crust and the turned out great. Due to my successful pie crust rolling adventure, I am considering quitting my day job and just taking over for Martha Stewart. HAHAHA! Anyway, we made 3 apple pies with the double crust and 2 additional pie crusts for additional pies to be announced, probably pumpkin. Jamie took some pictures so they will likely appear on her cooking blog some day so check there for the recipe and such. All I can say is that my feet were tired after being in the kitchen all day baking. The cooking blog is www.just-what-am-i-cooking.blogspot.com.