Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh the weather outside is FRIGHTFUL!

I thought I better write a quick post about the winter up here in New England. If you have heard that it is really cold in Boston in the Winter, it is true. On Sunday, it snowed most of the day and knowing that I would have to load my car the next day and just hoped that it would not snow. Be careful what you wish for...the next morning, it was definitely not snowing, it was a very very very very very, (you get the idea) frigid morning, 13 degrees to be exact. I found myself wishing now for the snow, it would require the temperature to go up 20 degrees or so. I went out to get my truck ready to load and realized I was not adequately layered for the task. I came back inside defrosted another 30 minutes, put my pajama bottoms over the workout pants I was already wearing, applied 2 pairs of glove, head band to cover my ears, and a scarf and went back out. In all fairness, the temperature may have increased to 14 degrees by this juncture. So I took the first load, then returned inside to defrost and prepare for the next load. To make a long story short, it was freezing all day long and I am not actually moving now until Saturday. On another note, many gas stations in New England are Full service, I have never been more grateful for full service then I was last night around 10 when the temperature was about 18 degrees and dropping and all I had to do was tell the nice man what gas I wanted and then stay in my warm car. where ever you are, I hope you stay warm.

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