Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'll Be HOME for Christmas.....EVENTUALLY!!!

In keeping with tradition for the last 2 years, my travels home for Christmas are not smooth, I have been blessed with safety, but they have taken forever. By way of recap from last year; my Dad flew out to Salt Lake for the sole purpose of driving home with me. It had been snowing a ton in Utah, but we got a break the day we left and decided to take the much faster northern route through Wyoming and Colorado...big mistake...when we arrived in Rawlins WY they closed I-80 due to severe snow. For those of you who might not be so good at geography, Rawlins is about 300 miles from Salt Lake City or 5 hours in the car. We were in a bit of a quandry so we decided to turn around and return to Salt Lake city and then take the longer southern route through AZ and El too make a long story short we arrive home in a record breaking 42 hours just 3 hours before we were to speak in Sacrament meeting. The trip should only take about 24-28 hours! Now fast forward to this Christmas; I am living in Dennis MA on Cape Cod and flying out of Boston's Logan International Airport. As luck would have it the first major snowstorm of the year is set to arrive in the early afternoon this day, and my flight was scheduled for 4:45 PM. Fearing the weather would be bad I took a bus from Cape Cod and got to the airport at 12:30. At this point in time the weather is still clear so I tried to get on an earlier flight(standby) but was quickly told no one has been on standby and made a flight since last Wednesday so just make sure you don't miss your flight. Well, before long the snow started and every single flight out of Boston was cancelled on Friday night. Having few options and an overwhelming desire to get home I asked to be put on the standby list for the earliest flight leaving the next day (6:45 am) and then waited and waited and waited. I was able to get a cot and sleep for a few hours and finally made it out of Boston on the 10:30 AM flight to Chicago, we spent 3 hours at the gate on the plane waiting to be deiced. Upon arrival in Chicago, my connecting flight was a bit delayed, but it was still going to leave so who cares about delays. I finally made it home at 12:15 AM Sunday, 36 hours after arriving at the airport. I was so glad to get home and be with my family. Though thanks to the delays I missed Amber, Dan and Megan who flew to Utah. As in all things there is a lesson to be learned; don't live somewhere that snows in the winter and shuts down airports...I guess I better live in Houston.


Suzanne said...

You really have been having some fun adventures. Looks like fun but COLD!
I need your mailing address too. Email it to me, eh?
Take care

Marisa said...

How fun Carrie. I love reading your blog and all of your adventures. You still crack me up. Are you done out there in Cape Cod??? I want to come and visit. Love ya.