Saturday, January 3, 2009

Maine: Neddick Lighthouse and $1 Lobster

My assignments in Boston have shown me a different side of contract work...paid time off. I was available to work per diem in between my last two assignments, but there were no needs so I decided to take advantage of being off and see some of the sites. On an extremely blustery day I decided to drive to Maine to see a lighthouse and have real Maine Lobster. I think lighthouses are extremely neat to see and so off I went. I got out to my car in the rain and it didn't start right away so along the way I stopped at Sam's club and purchased a new battery for my car, then I was on my way again. The guy who changed my tire even gave me his home phone number in case I had any problems with the car...sweet. Then I continued to the lighthouse where it continued to rain and was freezing, so all pictures except the lovely one with my hair everywhere were taken inside the car with my strategically moving the car around and rolling down the window to get the best shot, I still think the pictures turned out pretty well. After seeing the Lighthouse I drove to Warren's Lobster House for a really good salad bar and some good old lobster. I am becoming a bit of a lobster snob...until I moved to the northeast, I had only ever eaten lobster tail, here they give you the entire lobster, tail, claws etc. There is delicious meat in the claws comparable to dungeness crab that just melts in your mouth, well, I made the mistake of eating that first, then the tail meat tasted really tough. Oh well, it was still fun and now I can say I have eaten Maine Lobster in Maine.

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