Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Impromptu Vacation!

The job hunt turned a little slow for me in the middle of February so I decided to take some time off and start a new assignment at the end of March. So what did I do during those weeks. First I moved out of my house on Cape Cod and headed to Jamie's in CT (thanks Jamie and Trent). I spent about a week there helping, playing and just goofing off with Jamie and the kids, then I headed to Utah for 10 days. One of my good friends from Seattle got married so I was able to go to her wedding and also catch up with several of my girlfriends from Seattle who also came for the wedding. It was great fun and I loved being in UTah. I also got to catch up with my best friend Steph and her family, see my aunts, uncles and cousins, and even got to spend some time with my Mom who was in town for her sister's farewell party to Malaysia. I had so much fun and loved to see everyone and just relax. The only downside of the trip was I seemed to have contracted a cold from my sister's that I got to take with me and lost my voice for part of the trip. Here are some pictures.

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Amber said...

I can't get over Steph's girls' hair! It is so thick and cute!