Saturday, June 14, 2008

Biking Braes Bayou and Beyond!

Lisa and I work out nearly every morning at 24 hour fitness. We mix it up with swimming, running, stair climbing, elliptical, spinning, lifting etc to stay in shape. The past 2 Saturdays we have gone biking along Braes Bayou. This AM we started at my house and biked along Braes Bayou until it ended in the Medical center, then proceeded to Lisa's apartment on Fannin, and back to my house. In all I would anticipate we biked 10-15 miles give or take. These pictures were taken just after returning home. the entire trip took 1 hour 50 minutes. Please notice the camel backs for hydration purposes. If anyone out there wants to bike with us just let me know!!
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Amber said...

someday if i get a bike...and a thing to drag behind it for megan to sit in, i'll let you know and we'll come riding :)

The Sorensen Bunch said...

I remember good ol 24 hour fitness days in Houston-except we were taking on the brotha's in some hoops!!! Oh the good ol' days!

Kelli said...

No more blogging? When do you leave texas? where are you going? where will you live? ect ect ect