Sunday, June 8, 2008

Career Update!

Some of you may be wondering what I have been doing since I finished PT school, as far as PT is concerned...others of you may not care or already know; if this is you go ahead and stop reading now!!! For the rest of you; I finished Physical Therapy school in Houston in October 2003, I studied for about 6 weeks, took my licensure exam, passed, and began working at Valley Medical Center in Renton Washington. I was the primary physical therapist at our Center for Joint Replacement that specialized in Total Knee, Hip and Shoulder Replacement. This was a great experience for me and I loved working with my patients and co-workers. In the back of my mind I had always wanted to be a traveling PT, that is work all over the country for 13 week assignments and see the world. So in September of 2007 I left Valley after nearly 4 years and started working for Supplemental Healthcare, a nationwide staffing company. I quickly became licensed in Texas and Utah and took an assigment with Concentra Medical Center in Salt Lake City and began working there in September and was there for 5 weeks. Concentra focuses on outpatient orthopedic patients, mostly worker's compensation. It was very different from what I had been doing, but it was a great learning experience. After that contract I stayed in Utah and took a 9 week contract with South Davis Community Hospital in Bountiful Utah. This was a variety of skilled nursing, long term acute care, and a mix orthopedic and neurological diagnoses. Prior to the start of this contract and I had not set foot in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) and had a bit to learn about Medicare rules and regulations. Needless to say it was a learning experience and I really enjoyed my patients and coworkers. In January I took a contract in Houston at Houston Northwest Medical Center. This took me back into the acute care realm of which I am quite comfortable and was a great experience. I worked with wonderful staff and patients. I also got to hone my skills in outpatient and wound care so that was really fun. I wanted to get into traveling so I could stretch and grow as a therapist and feel that I have accomplished that and enjoyed it. Last week I started a new contract at a SNF here in Houston. For my first several assignments, particularly the last one at Houston NW Medical center, I had been commuting up to 1 hour both ways. The SNF is 15 minutes from my house in traffic so I am loving it. I am learning a lot and enjoying new opportunities. Well, that gets you up to date. I would love to hear from any of you so leave me a comment so we can catch up!!!

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