Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Memories

As I flipped channels and found The Ten Commandments on one channel and the Sound of Music on another, it brought back memories of Easter as a kid. I have fond memories of making Ukranian eggs while watching both these movies. I also remember watching the Ten Commandments and invariably falling asleep, but my dad would always wake us up for the parting of the Red Sea. In all honesty, I thought the movie ended when the Red Sea parted, but there is still about 30-45 minutes or more after that, and the parting of the Red Sea is not even the most exciting part of the movie. It was fun to remember and laugh about the things we did as kids and as a family. I am grateful for the Easter Season and the signs of spring and new life and most importantly the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and his life.


Amber said...

I also totally thought the movie ended after the parting of the red sea. Who knew it kept going?

Jamie said...

Me, I knew it kept going -- I have never, ever been one to sleep someplace other than my bed!

erica said...

I can honestly say, I've never seen the movie the whole way through. I wonder what I am missing?