Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!! I Love You DAD!

I decided to take a moment and reflect on what a great Dad I have. I have noticed in compiling pictures for this and even for Mother's day that I need to take more pictures with my parents so there is a wider selection from which to choose.
Here are some of the reasons I love my Dad:
1. He got me single handedly through Pre Cal in High School, which subsequently got my through calculus in college.
2. He is a worthy priesthood holder.
3. He serves in the church.
4. He loves me uncondtionally,
5. He is a good example.
6. He takes me fishing...not sure how much fun that really is for him since I am usually feeling extremely sea sick, but he always wants me to come along anyway.
7. Family vacations: in my world there is very little rest associated with vacations, you have to go go go until you can't go anymore, that is what I remember from so many vacations growing up and even today.
8. He is my tax guy and believe me it is a lot when I am constantly changing states.
9. He loves my Mom and treats her well.
10. Father's blessings on numerous occassions
11. He let's me fly his stunt kite even though I am a master at crash landings
12. He loves camping and so do I...I love Kalaloch as much as he does.
13. He is so generous and still spoils me today.
14. He was a great support to me on my mission and even wrote me multiple times which always meant so much.
15. He supports me in whatever I am doing
16. He flew to Utah to drive home with me...even though it took 42 hours instead of 24-26, we still laugh about it today.
17. He encouraged me to get an education and supported me through college and grad school.
18. Loves basketball and would play 21 with us all the time growing up
19. Was my guinea pig multiple times during PT school when I wanted to try something.
20. He loves the Lord
21. He is an example of prayer and taught me the importance of prayer morning and night.
22. He made me appreciate good theater and provided countless opportunities to go whether it was TUTS in Houston or the plays at BYU.
23. He has a testimony of the gospel and shared that with me.
24. He likes to tease and joke around and likes to laugh.
25. He takes me water skiing even when he'd rather be fishing.
26. He made sure we appreciated good poems, speeches etc. and I can remember being a little girl and memorizing the Gettysburg Address or the Declaration of Independence or even Mud.
27. He is fun to be with.
28. He likes to play games.
29. He made sure I had everything I needed: clothes, food, car, etc.
30. He appreciates good humor and helped me appreciate it too: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World; Johnny Carson
31. He encourages me to experience as much as I can in all the places I have lived and traveled.
32. He is wonderful and I love him so much.
DAD, thanks for being so great to me. I love you.
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Candy H said...

What a beautiful tribute to your father. WE love you.Mom

Kelli said...

Your dad is a great dad! love the list