Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fire Destroys Cambridge Church Building!

So I was enjoying a typical Sunday morning before church when I received a call from my home teacher wondering if I was at the church. Not recognizing the guy's name I was slightly confused by our conversation. I was not aware I had home teachers. Turns out he is my home teacher from Cambridge MA, who wanted to make sure I was safe and not at the church seeing as it was at present burning to the ground. What can you say about conscientous home teachers? I happened to move from that ward about 6 months ago and have had my records moved twice, but still he called to make sure I was OK. I am in VA so I am definitely OK. The church building was completely gutted and you can see footage on youtube and other places. Kind of crazy to think of how quickly things can change. The fire broke out in the middle of stake conference that was being broadcast from Salt Lake. No one was hurt.

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Amber said...

Crazy! I wonder what happened.