Sunday, February 13, 2011

Update on Mom!

Mom finished her last round of chemo last week and now is having weekly bloodwork as usual until she has a CT scan next week. From here we want a clean CT scan and then she will meet with the Dr on the 22 and as long as everything looks good she will begin a 3 month follow up program with CT scans and routine bloodwork. We will know more after the CT when she meets with her surgeon. She is definitely a trooper and is so ready to get things back to normal and we are to. I am so glad we have modern medicine and drugs that get rid of Cancer. I will keep you updated on her progress. The other thing she is looking forward to is getting rid of the PICC line.

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Nelka said...

I'm glad to hear that things are looking good. I have been thinking about her and your family ever since I heard the news. She remains in my prayers. I hope that everything gets back to normal for you guys soon.