Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day: I Love You MOM!

I thought I would take a moment and remark on the wonderful mother that I have. She is my biggest fan and always has been. I am so grateful to her for her example to me each and every day and for teaching me the Gospel of Jesus Christ by word and example. I remember getting to college and having my friends relate dreaded stories of fighting with their Moms and not getting along with them at all. THankfully this is not one of my memories, but here is a list of some of the reasons that I love you Mom, (this list is not all inclusive)
1. You love me unconditionally
2. You taught me to swim and then to teach others
3. You taught me to be organized
4. You love to play games with us
5. We can watch movies together
6. You are my confidant
7. You are my travel companion both literally and over the phone more times than I can count
8. You always support me in everything I do: sports, school, work
9. You have a listening ear
10. You have a testimony of Jesus Christ
11. You serve me and others selflessly
12. You are a wonderful Granny
13. You are always willing to help with anything I need
14. You will dig through boxes and storage units for that one thing I really need and am sure is in there somewhere
15. You love to have fun
16. You are a good cook and have made me appreciate cooking and being in the kitchen
17. You stayed home when we were little and I think that made all the difference in how we turned out
18. You always think of your children first
19. You are generous with your time and talents
20. You attempted to give me you love of sewing by getting me a really nice machine, I am looking forward to living in Houston again so you can teach me again how to use it.
21. You love Dad and have always supported him in church callings and such
22. You have always magnified your callings and been an example of Christlike love
23. You seek the Lord in prayer daily and read the scriptures. I have wonderful memories of coming into your room only to find you kneeling in prayer or reading your scriptures. Those experiences impacted my life and have blessed my life.
24. You are a wonderful mother and watching you with Tyler has helped me appreciate and embrace that more fully
25. You taught me Rook, Pinochle and multitudes of other games
26. You taught me to ski or better snow plow which made my first skiing experience more enjoyable
27. You are active: we bike together, swim, walk, play volleyball, basketball, whatever
28. You are a great water skier and taught me to love it too.
29. You love to camp and house boat which I love too.
30. You are patient
31. You are constantly learning new things and stretching yourself.
32. You are so fun to be around
33. I love talking to you
34. You garden
35. You like to read

I could go on and on forever I am sure, but Mom, I want you to know I love you and am so grateful that you are my Mom.

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Candy H said...

Thanks for all the wonderful rememberings. I have loved doing things with my daughters. Little do you realize when you have daughters that they grow up to be your best friends.